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Get fit at Pole Fit Dubai!


Pole Dance and Fitness Classes in Dubai, Aerial Silk, Hoop, Trapeze, Hammock, Acro-Balance, Hand-Balance, Flexibility Classes, Yoga, Pilates and more!


Are you bored of slaving away at the gym, or running on a treadmill, counting down the seconds until you’ve burned enough calories to balance out your mid-afternoon sugar hit? Join the pole revolution and put the fun back into your workout. Swing, dance and fly your way to fit, trim and toned at Pole Fit Dubai – a brand new aerial arts academy based in Dubai Marina offering classes in pole fitness, hoops, silks, trapeze and lots more.


Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities, body shapes and experience levels, aerial arts are the hottest workout on the circuit today, promising a stronger, leaner body in two weeks, more confidence and self-esteem in two days and more sassiness in two minutes. What more could you want from a workout? Our 60-minute pole classes include a 10-minutes dance orientated warm-up, exercises, pole training and a relaxing cool down at the end of each class. We offer both classes on static and spinning poles, if you are unsure what the difference is please refer to the class descriptions for more details.


Based on our total of seven years teaching experience and knowledge, we designed a pole syllabus aimed to challenge students with achievable moves suitable for their levels. These are divided into 5 levels: Pole Intro and Levels 1-4. In each pole dance class our experienced and certified instructors follow a structured programme according to the students level, incorporating turns, lifts, poses, tricks and dance routines in order to gain strength, flexibility and self-esteem while having a great time. If you are unsure of which level you are please read the class description below or contact the studio for clarification.


Our amazing facility offers twelve poles four meters high and we allow a maximum of twelve students per class. This ensures that each student has their own pole, and can get the most hands on experience possible. Our certified instructors aim to distribute their time evenly, pay attention to each student and ensure that everyone is in correct form and understands the instructions properly. Our instructors are always encouraging, patient and friendly and will always help when asked. Pole dance training is unlike many other sports as it creates a unique class atmosphere where students are energetic, motivated, supportive and friendly.