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At Pole Fit Dubai, we pride ourselves on our very high standards of safety and professionalism.


Our 3700sqm space is designed for comfort and convenience – our light/warm and welcoming reception area welcomes you into our studio and leads you into our space will set off your first impression, our comfy living room with a sofa and TV will have you making yourself feel at home and our state of the art bathroom and locker rooms will provide you with everything you need to pamper yourself before and after classes. Our venue has 2 spacious modern rooms, custom designed to serve the needs of our classes.


The Pole Lab – we have dedicated our largest space at our studio purely to pole – our state of the art pole room has 12 four metre high, 45mm chrome poles and gorgeous open windows overlooking the Dubai marina and yacht club.


The Flow room – a nice open space with minimalistic decorations and hanging points – this room is used to host our swing yoga, hoops, flexibility and dance classes.

Pole Lab

Flow Room


At Pole Fit Dubai, our inspirational instructors are what sets us apart from the rest. All of our instructors are certified, highly skilled athletes, constantly improving themselves, and actively performing in the aerial community. While each of our instructors has their own style of teaching, they are all kind and welcoming, creating a warm atmosphere in class. In their experienced hands you can be sure to receive the security you need to allow your skills to flourish in a safe environment. We pride ourselves on our judgement free environment where everyone can feel comfortable and free to express themselves. Meet our team of instructors.


Vlada's combination of awe-inspiring strength and effortless grace will have you doing the trickiest of positions in no time. She has over 10 years of experience as a teacher and performer, she also took her talents overseas by competing and winning international competitions. With the wonderful gift of getting the best out of her students, you'll feel like under her wing you can reach the sky! Join Vlada in pole, aerial or stretching classes.


Michelle fell in love with pole at first sight. Later on, she took her passion further and put her heart and soul into opening our studio, creating an amazing space for people from all over the world to share their love for pole, aerial arts, and dance. After several years of teaching pole, she is now a full-time mom.


Pole, hoop, silk, straps, stretch- you name it- Maria can guide you through it. After many years of performing in some of the world’s most renowned circus companies, she is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with our students here at Pole Fit Dubai. Her positive energy will have you getting into those impossible poses without even knowing it!


With a background in circus, Ariadna found her passion for aerial arts over 10 years ago. She is known for her patience and the ability to break down all the moves in a way that is understandable to students of all levels. A wonderful choreographer, Ariadna will have you flowing into sequences in no time.


From cabin crew to full-time aerial instructor and one of the most sought-after performers in Dubai, Martina has made her way to success through her hard work and dedication. Originally a Pole Fit Dubai student, Martina is now an inspiration to all of us. A talented and experienced teacher, Martina will challenge you to push yourself beyond your limits.


Joanna’s laugh is contagious, her light hearted nature means you are guaranteed to have fun in her classes! But don't let the girly giggle fool you, this British Bombshell is a strong and powerful athlete. She is constantly pushing herself and her students to new heights by keeping up with the latest pole tricks and trends.


As a full-time school teacher, Leslie will nurture and encourage every new pole student to gain confidence and discover their inner strength. With her warm heart and attention to detail, she will help you discover your passion.


A former Pole Fit Dubai student, Elvira is a beautiful pole dancer and Pole Heels instructor. Her passion is teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students. In her classes, Elvira pays extra attention to achieving beautiful lines, flow and safe technique that will suit even total beginners.


Fun, energetic and bubbly, Torry will bring out the sassiest version of yourself. She will teach you how to twerk through her ‘bootylicious’ routines. Get ready to sweat! Join Torry in Twerk It and Booty Burn classes.


More than just our receptionist, Crystal is our warm hearted, kind Pole fit mamma, always looking after everyone who walks through our doors! Crystal is here to help you with all of your bookings, purchases, queries and emails.



“I have fallen in love with all things aerial, and I owe it all to Pole Fit Dubai. I thought these activities were reserved for people born into it, but after trying it I realized that everyone can do it, you just have to try!” - Riddhi

“I have been doing the body flex classes 2 times a week for about 6 months now, and I achieved my splits! I never in my life thought I would be able to do the splits.” - Oana

Rosine 2

“I have been coming for 3 years now. Pole Fit Dubai has become my zen place. Its where I feel welcome, at home, and I’m free to discover the full potential of my body. The Teachers are my mentors. Love them to bits!” - Ri Ri

“A totally sacred place for me full of beauty, talent and inspiration thanks to the amazing energy the beautiful instructors create. I cannot imagine my life in Dubai without Pole Fit anymore” - Jana


“I really love the pole classes, and the instructors are amazing, they keep me motivated and now Pole Fit Dubai is like me second home.” - Ines

“I started my pole journey 3 years ago without any dancing or gymnastics background. Hard work and good instructors helped me reach the level I am today - 2 International world competitions! And this is not the end. Looking forward new achievements and victories.” - Tatiana


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