Reviews of our clients



“I have fallen in love with all things aerial, and I owe it all to Pole Fit Dubai. I thought these activities were reserved for people born into it, but after trying it I realized that everyone can do it, you just have to try!” - Riddhi

“I have been doing the body flex classes 2 times a week for about 6 months now, and I achieved my splits! I never in my life thought I would be able to do the splits.” - Oana

Rosine 2

“I have been coming for 3 years now. Pole Fit Dubai has become my zen place. Its where I feel welcome, at home, and I’m free to discover the full potential of my body. The Teachers are my mentors. Love them to bits!” - Ri Ri

“A totally sacred place for me full of beauty, talent and inspiration thanks to the amazing energy the beautiful instructors create. I cannot imagine my life in Dubai without Pole Fit anymore” - Jana


“I really love the pole classes, and the instructors are amazing, they keep me motivated and now Pole Fit Dubai is like me second home.” - Ines

“I started my pole journey 3 years ago without any dancing or gymnastics background. Hard work and good instructors helped me reach the level I am today - 2 International world competitions! And this is not the end. Looking forward new achievements and victories.” - Tatiana