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Testimonials 6

  I arranged a pole fitness class for my friend's birthday and found Vlada to be professional and friendly when dealing with the booking and also made our session great fun...

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Testimonials 5

  "I have never been so committed to one form of exercise in my life as I am with pole fitness. Since the day I started, i have been obsessed, it...

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Testimonials 4

 "I've been looking for a pole dance school for the past year in Dubai and have been to quite a few, but never really stuck with one until Vlada.What I...

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Testimonials 3

“I am very thankful to my coach Vlada who is training me now. I was about to give up pole fitness when my previous teachers temporary stopped their classes. Vlada...

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Testimonials 2

  “If you want tone, strength, flexibility, more stamina, less weight but don't want to work for it make Vlada your first and last option! Pole fit isn't about skyscraper stillettos, sexy...

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  "The pole dance classes became a turning point in my attitude to the exercise. I used to be bored at a gym and find any excuse to skip a workout...

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Our Brand New Studio has opened in Dubai Marina 

Please check the variety of classes that we offer and 

 our schedule and prices 

For more information please contact us on 

04-5516911 or 050-4605525 / 056-7952210 

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Pole Fit Dubai offers a fantastic new way to reach your fitness goals and learn the art of pole dancing.

What is pole dancing?

  • an increasingly popular form of fitness and dance based on choreographed routines;
  • a different type of exercise that combines strength, coordination and flexibility;
  • an extremely empowering form of dance full of elegance, energy, femininity and fun;
  • a mix of dancing and acrobatics

Why pole dance?

Pole dancing is a very effective way to exercise and get you fit and it is also a lot of fun and excitement. You will:

  • Improve your posture, coordination and flexibility;
  • Improve your core strength and build endurance;
  • Boost your metabolic rate and help reduce body fat.

On top of all that, pole dancing is a great way to build your confidence in a social environment. Pole dance training is very dynamic and it never feels like a fitness class, so you will never get bored.

What do we offer?

Pole Fit Dubai offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pole fitness training, alongside a range of other dance and fitness classes.

Whatever your age, size, or fitness level pole dance training is suitable for anyone who wants to get fit, gain confidence, express themselves and just have fun.

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