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  I arranged a pole fitness class for my friend's birthday and found Vlada to be professional and friendly when dealing with the booking and also made our session great fun...

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  "I have never been so committed to one form of exercise in my life as I am with pole fitness. Since the day I started, i have been obsessed, it...

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Testimonials 4

 "I've been looking for a pole dance school for the past year in Dubai and have been to quite a few, but never really stuck with one until Vlada.What I...

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“I am very thankful to my coach Vlada who is training me now. I was about to give up pole fitness when my previous teachers temporary stopped their classes. Vlada...

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  “If you want tone, strength, flexibility, more stamina, less weight but don't want to work for it make Vlada your first and last option! Pole fit isn't about skyscraper stillettos, sexy...

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  "The pole dance classes became a turning point in my attitude to the exercise. I used to be bored at a gym and find any excuse to skip a workout...

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Are you tired of the same routine? Its time to shake things up. Join us for a life-changing workout at Pole Fit Dubai.

Bored of slaving away at the gym, or running on a treadmill, counting down the seconds until you’ve burned enough calories to balance out your mid-afternoon sugar hit? Join the pole fitness revolution and put the fun back into your workout.

Swing, dance and fly your way to fit, trim and toned at Pole Fit Dubai – an aerial arts academy based in Dubai Marina offering classes in pole fitness, aerial hoop, silks, trapeze, hammock, swing yoga and lots more.

Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities, body shapes and experience levels, aerial arts are the hottest workout on the circuit today, promising a stronger, leaner body in two weeks, more confidence and self-esteem in two days and more sassiness in two minutes. What more could you want from a workout?

Whether you’ve already been bitten by the bug that has been sweeping the world, or you’ve always been curious, but been shy to try it out, Pole Fit Dubai has the right class for you. With over 60 classes per week and a friendly community of fun-loving women as our loyal customers, Pole Fit Dubai offers a warm, welcoming and encouraging environment to either try your first spin, or to take your passion to the next level.

Headed up by professional dance instructors and performers, Vlada Zhizhchenko and Michelle Qubrosi, Pole Fit classes are tailor-made to suit the needs and interests of each group, offering classic dance moves, jaw-dropping tricks and peppered with unique choreography created by the trainers themselves. With a total of seven years behind them, Vlada and Michelle bring a fresh burst of energy to traditional pole fitness routines and a boundless and infectious enthusiasm for their sport.

Come and join the fun at Pole Fit Dubai. We would love to help you start your new life!

What do we offer?

Pole Fit Dubai offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pole fitness and aerial arts training, alongside a range of other dance and fitness classes as well as personal one-to-one private lessons for those who want a little extra work. If you just want to practice what you have learned we also have open training hours where you can come by and use our poles. You can also rent our studio beautiful studio all for yourself.

Don’t miss out on our specialty classes and workshops with some of the most elite athletes in the industry.

Whatever your age, size, or fitness level we have classes suitable for anyone who wants to get fit, gain confidence, express themselves and just have fun.

Pole Classes: We offer pole fitness classes for all levels starting from a basic level (Pole Intro) all the way to the most advanced (Level 4) and everyone in between. All of our levels are based on our custom-made pole syllabus – which is designed to provide our students with achievable goals and motivate them to keep improving week on week.   

We also offer dance based pole classes for those interested in learning a choreographed routine with our pole heels and pole’ography classes. For more detailed class descriptions click here.

Aerials: Our aerial classes include Silks, Trapeze, Hoop & Hammock. All levels including complete beginners are welcome to try any of our aerial classes.

Dance Classes: Learn how to strut your stuff with our dance classes guaranteed to leave you feeling sexy and full of confidence. We offer classes in Burlesque, Twerking and Contemporary dance.

Flexibility Classes: We offer a wide variety of different styles of stretching classes in order to suit all individuals needs – these include Body Flex, Vinyassa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Swing Yoga and Pilates. To find out the differences between our stretch classes click here.

At Pole Fit Dubai we understand that women come in all shapes, sizes and ages! Therefore we have developed our class structure to be considerate to everyone’s individuality. All of our classes offer modifications for different fitness levels.

Great classes for the more mature bodies includes; Pole Intro, Vinyassa Yoga, Swing Yoga, Body Flex and Pilates – It is never too late to start your new life!

What is pole fitness?

Pole Fitness is becoming recognized as a true sport, shedding its outdated and stereotypically seedy image to welcome ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages, wishing to enjoy an intense workout whilst also having fun.

Distinguishing itself by combining cardio, flexibility and strength in a form of dance, pole fitness is the hottest workout on the circuit today.  The unique fusion of dance and acrobatics creates a complete fitness workout that marks your improvements week by week. Accessible to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, pole fitness is an extremely empowering form of dance, full of elegance, energy, femininity and fun. In our pole dancing classes you can expect to learn spectacular spins, impressive tricks and graceful choreographies in an accessible way and in a short period of time.

New to pole dancing? Join our pole intro classes! For more information click here

Why pole dance?

Pole fitness in a fun innovative way to get fit and lose weight as well as gain a new boost of confidence unlike any other form of exercise! You will be amazed to see how many muscles are used and how fast you can master the techniques and movements. Watch as you transform into the best version of yourself – experience fantastic changes to your physique as well as increased strength flexibility and stamina. Not to mention the constant thrill that accompanies mastering new moves. This class is guaranteed to give you the ego boost of a lifetime. Come and try it for yourself and see how your journey with pole dancing will help to give you the body you’ve always dreamed of – and the best part is you will be motivated to keep coming back – it wont feel like any effort at all  - leaves you excited to take your next class. You will see results almost immediately and feel and witness your improvements every week. On top of all that, pole dancing is a great way to build your confidence in a social environment.  You learn spectacular spins and choreographies in an accessibleway and a short period of time, encouraged by the other members of your group. Without noticing you push your boundaries, so after a lesson you can’t wait for the next one. Improve your strength and endurance simultaneously with a non-ordinary sport. Learn a new skill, light the spark of passion and give yourself something to be proud of, a huge sense of personal satisfaction, growth and achievement.

Some of the Improvements include; increases in flexibility, core and upper body strength, stamina, coordination and sense of rhythm, upper body strength, loose weight and tone up, reduce body fat and boost your metabolism.

Celebrity fans and ambassadors for the sport include Rhianna, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford and many more.

What are aerial arts?

Originating from the circus, the aerial arts are a form of acrobatics and gymnastic movement preformed in the air incorporating the use of hanging apparatus suspended from the ceiling.  At Pole Fit Dubai we offer classes in aerial silks (also known as aerial fabric, aerial tissue and aerial ribbon) trapeze, aerial hoop (also known as lyra) and hammock.

At Pole Fit Dubai you can learn to do what you see in Cirque du Soleil by performing awe inspiring and versatile tricks in a small period of time.

We have deliberately designed our aerial classes to be accessible for people of all levels and abilities, from complete beginners to seasoned performers looking to polish their routines.

If you feel nervous about going upside down or are not sure about your strength why not start our swing yoga and hammock classes which will provide you with more support as you develop your skills. For more detailed descriptions please click here.

What to Expect?

Are you nervous about taking a class or do not know what to expect? You have already done the hardest part…all you need to do now is show up!   

All of our pole fitness and dance classes offer a fantastic workout in the most enjoyable way you can imagine. Classes include proper stretching, cardio based warm-ups, strength building exercises followed by techniques and tricks sometimes put into choreographed routines ending with a gentle cool down to release the tension in your muscles and enhance your flexibility. Our instructors focus on driving and monitoring your progress as you become stronger to keep you constantly improving and challenged. 

At Pole Fit Dubai you are guaranteed your own pole, no sharing means double the exercise and double the fun. We believe strongly in maintaining the highest standard of teaching quality and therefore do not overcrowd our classes – we want to ensure that our students get the best value for their money and the most hands on experience possible.

Our certified instructors will make you feel comfortable and welcome as they teach you pole dancing, flexibility, aerial silks, hoop, dance and more! We will help you lose weight, tone your entire body and feel energized while having fun!  Our experienced instructors distribute their time evenly, pay attention to each student and ensure that everyone is in correct form and understands the instructions properly. If you need help or have any questions you can always ask your teacher and expect encouraging, patient and friendly responses. We have strived to create a judgement free environment where everyone can feel comfortable and free to express themselves.

Our aerial classes are open to students of all levels - so expect to see some students with more experience in your class - but rest assured that our instructors will give you the individual time and attention you need and directions relevant to your level.  

How to start?

At Pole Fit Dubai, we LOVE beginners! All of our instructors started out as a beginner. Our Pole Intro classes really are for complete beginners, you don’t need any experience or fitness background whatsoever to take part so don’t worry.  

If it's your very first class, just come on down to the studio 10 minutes prior to your first class and we'll register you and tell you everything you need to know and give you your student handbook. We do recommend that if you've never tried pole dancing before that you come to our pole intro classes and once you have completed our syllabus you can start to work your way up through our higher levels. Moving up a level depends on your commitment, current fitness level, and experiences. All you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of humor! You might not master the equipment on the first time but you certainly will have a good time trying.  

Our aerial classes are also open to people of all levels, ages shapes and sizes – no fitness background or experience is required.

Our Venue

Pole dancing and other fitness classes are held 7 days a week including our mummy friendly morning classes, lunch times, after work and weekends.  We are open from Sunday to Thursday from 10am until 9pm and on the weekends from 11am until 5pm.

Our studio is located in Dubai Marina on the marina walk, within the hippest urban part of Dubai. Easily accessible by car and by metro, we are walking distance from lots of restaurants, bars and hotels and the Marina Mall.

Our amazing facility is equipped with locker rooms and showers for you to freshen up after class. Our beautiful pole studio with panoramic views of the marina ha two spacious rooms. The Pole Lab is fitted with twelve poles four meters high and we allow a maximum of twelve students per class. This ensures that each student has their own pole, and can get the most hands on experience possible. The Flow Room has 7 points to hang aerial equipment for Silks, Hoops, Hammock or Swing Yoga classes.

For more information about our venue please click here.

Private Classes

If learning in a group setting isn’t quite for you, we also offer private lessons one-on-one with our instructors. For more information about our private classes click here.

Bachelorette Parties

Having a bachelorette party, birthday bash or just a girls night out? What better way to celebrate and show your girlfriends a good time than to treat yourselves to an exciting party at Pole Fit Dubai. We host parties offering private pole, twerk, chair or burlesque dance instruction to your and your friends in our state of the art pole studio. Plus, kick off your heels and relax in our comfortable lounge, eat cake, open presents and chit-chat with your friends. For more information about our different bachelorette packages click here.  

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