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  I arranged a pole fitness class for my friend's birthday and found Vlada to be professional and friendly when dealing with the booking and also made our session great fun...

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Testimonials 5

  "I have never been so committed to one form of exercise in my life as I am with pole fitness. Since the day I started, i have been obsessed, it...

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Testimonials 4

 "I've been looking for a pole dance school for the past year in Dubai and have been to quite a few, but never really stuck with one until Vlada.What I...

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“I am very thankful to my coach Vlada who is training me now. I was about to give up pole fitness when my previous teachers temporary stopped their classes. Vlada...

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  “If you want tone, strength, flexibility, more stamina, less weight but don't want to work for it make Vlada your first and last option! Pole fit isn't about skyscraper stillettos, sexy...

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  "The pole dance classes became a turning point in my attitude to the exercise. I used to be bored at a gym and find any excuse to skip a workout...

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Pole dance and fitness instructor Vladapole dancing dubai fitness

I began pole dancing in 2009 in Moscow, Russia and I have committed myself to the art for more than four years by now. My passion for pole dancing drove me to seek the best dancers in the field and my teachers were well-known professional dancers such as Anastasia Skukhtorova, Elena Artamonova and Elena Marso. I have also attended workshops with leading pole dancers and champions like Marlo Fisken, Saulo Sarmiento, Tracey Simmonds, Venessa Clack and others. 

After a year of intensive training, I started teaching individuals and groups of beginner and intermediate students in Russia until I moved to Dubai in January, 2011 where pole dancing was still in its birth phase. I continued to teach individuals and mini-groups privately and launched group pole fitness classes in October 2012

I am a PDC Approved 3 star Pole Dance Instructor and I also recently achieved a PDC Grading Level 5 (highest) with distinction – a grading system that recognizes the achievement of pole performers by Pole Dance Community UK. 

I have also obtained a Pole Fitness Instructor Certificate by Vertical Dance UK (Level 1), recognized by REPs, ACE and PDC and I am a Member of the International Dance Council CID - the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world recognized by UNESCO. Additionally, I am a qualified Group Exercise Instructor recognised by REPs UAE.

I have mastered a number of techniques including walks, tricks, spins, grips, transitions and climbs. In addition, I learned about pole dancing choreography as well as pre and post dance stretching exercises. I am always keeping up with the industry and my great network of pole dancers on various social networks helps me be aware of the latest news in pole dancing.

In addition, I am a freelance aerial art (silk and hoop) performer and dancer for dance shows, corporate events, weddings, openings, product launches, etc.

My vision is to encourage, support and teach pole dance in Dubai as a type of sport by offering safe and structured classes for students looking to enter this sport for fitness.


Pole dance and fitness instructor Michelle

My name is Michelle, and I am originally from the UK but I have lived in Dubai my whole life.  I discovered pole fitness just over a year ago and my life instantly changed.  In the space of a year I’ve gone from a promising career in the business world to being a full time pole instructor, and I’ve now fully devoted my life to studying and teaching the sport. To me, pole is the perfect workout, but it is also much more than that.  It is a lifestyle.  It empowers you, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and connects you to your body in a life changing way.

I have always been drawn to dance and gymnastics, and with pole, I am able to combine the two, giving me an opportunity to both challenge myself, and express myself at the same time. I love learning new moves, improving my technique and pushing my body to its limits, and my goal is to reach the level where I can compete internationally.  Wherever possible, I look for opportunities for self advancement, and I have successfully completed my Vertical Dance qualification, and attended numerous workshops with some of worlds leading pole dancers, including Venessa Clack and Saulo Sarmiento.  I also practice yoga and I’ve recently started aerial silks, both of which complement my pole technique.

I spend most of my days teaching pole, in both private and group class environments and I can honestly say I love it, and I get so much satisfaction from helping people improve and achieve their personal goals.  You can expect a full body workout that focuses on building core strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and grace, in a fun way.


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